GCHB CH Zöldmáli Kacér JH

DAM: Lili Gatova Alej – KSS JR70766MVO

SIRE: Zoldmali Speedy – KSS JR70578MVO

Pedigree: Zoldmali Kacér

Who is Kacér?

What to say about this sweet boy….. Kacér is a lovable snuggly crazy ginger, who loves everyone he meets and is always ready to jump in the car, no matter where you are going! He is truly a once in a lifetime dog, and we feel super lucky to have him in our lives, and glad he lets us share his bed!

Fun Facts

  • Nicknames: Khatzi, Big K, Khatzi-man

  • Birthday: 12/2/2018

  • Born in: Serbia

  • Favorite Treat: Pup cups at DQ

  • Favorite Toy: Chuck it Balls

  • Loves: Car rides anywhere!


Hips – Good

Eyes – Clear

HUU – Clear

Longhair gene – L/L no gene


Kacér finished his AKC Grand Championship 5 weekends in 2022, He also finished his Junior Hunt certification and Has his Hungarian Junior hunt certification as well.