Zöldmáli Star

DAM: Zoldmali Dumas – KSS JR72465MVO

SIRE: Zoldmali Extreme – KSS JR70373MVO

Pedigree: Zoldmali Star

Who is Maggie?

Maggie is a sweet, gentle, steady girl who loves to have her hips scratched. She was our second wirehaired vizsla, and our first girl. Maggie loves to work in the field and water, although has a bit of a stubborn streak when it comes to the show ring! Maggie has had a busy 2020, as she left in January to fly to Hungary to spend some time training with her Breeder and getting her hunt and breeding certifications from Hungary. It was to be a two month trip, but once Covid struck, Maggie was stuck, and was finally able to come home in mid-June. She loves to play fetch with her sisters, and loves being chased for the toy she has.  Maggie is also a prolific kisser and has a mean tail wag….it never stops!

Maggie’s first litter is due November 3rd 2020, and we look forward to meeting her puppies, we know she will be a fantastic, sweet momma!

Fun Facts

  • Nicknames: Maggie-moo, Moo Cow, Mama Moo

  • Birthday: 3/15/2018

  • Born in: Serbia

  • Favorite Treat: Freeze dried beef liver

  • Favorite Toy: Bacon Flavored Benebones

  • Loves: Going places and meeting new people



Hungarian:  Fehova Winterdogshow – CAC, CACIB, BOS
AKC: 4 Points

Hungarian TSZ (conformation test for breeding approval)

Hungarian VAV (field and water test)