One of the wonderful traits of the Wirehaired Vizsla is their versatility, versatility, versatility!  Even though they’re bred to hunt, and will hunt anything their owners like to hunt, their inherent desire to please is as strong as their prey drive. They want to do whatever their people are doing. For a dedicated owner who is willing to take the time to prepare their Wirehaired Vizsla appropriately by building a healthy bond, teamwork, proper socialization and exposure to whatever your goals are, the sky is the limit!  We currently have families in the Wirehaired Vizsla Club of America who are playing in a variety of structured sports and performance events including agility, barn hunt, conformation, dock jumping, therapy work, rally, tracking, obedience and lure coursing.  Formal sports and competition isn’t your thing but you are still interested in the fun-loving companionship of a Wirehaired Vizsla?  Fear not, remember, we have a versatile breed!  They are also running partners, kayaking/canoeing, boating, hiking, camping, swimming, biking, frisbee-chasing and fetch-it loving companions!  Most Wirehaired Vizslas have a great affinity for water and love to swim.
This is an active breed, bred to spend their day running in a field and they must have their mental and physical needs met with an appropriate amount of exercise and interaction, even if not hunting, to be healthy, balanced dogs. However, with proper guidance, that energy can be focused in varying directions.  If you provide a healthy balance of interaction, exercise and boundaries to your Wire, they also make wonderful couch potatoes, co-pilots and snuggle buddies.