Yes, and no. They are, after all, two distinctively different breeds and the Wirehaired Vizsla is not just a Vizsla in a funny coat. Physical differences aside, the Wirehaired Vizsla does share many of the same traits as the Vizsla, especially in temperament and personality—having a very close bond with their people, their intuitiveness and intelligence, as well as both having a close working hunting style & being a “velcro” dog. They’re both soft in temperament and take any correction very much to heart. Keeping those qualities of the Vizsla was a prominent goal of those who developed the Wirehaired breed.  However, many people who have had both smooths and wires say they find the wirehaired to be somewhat more laid back and not as hyper as the smooth Vizsla.

Physically, the Wire’s coat is the most notable difference, but it is also just a little bit bigger than the smooth, with more substance and bone. The standard height for an adult male Wirehaired Vizsla is 23-25” and 21 ½-23” for an adult female with a variance of 1” +/- allowed. If docked, the Wire’s tail is docked a bit longer, taking off only ¼, compared to the smooth’s 1/3 docked. Since many Wires have been imported from Europe where countries have banned docking, it is not unusual to see Wires with full tails and front dewclaws, and they’re not to be penalized in the conformation ring.